© Bettina Stoess



a dance piece for the smaller ones


Have you ever imagined ... what it would be like if your toy came to life? For example, what do you think would be your teddy bear, your car, or your doll doing if they woken up among all the other toys? Maybe the teddy would make friends with the car and climb the doll everywhere ... Maybe they would be a bit scared, because everything is so unusual. But who wants to experience adventure, just needs a bit of courage!


" Conquering the world in a playful way, exploring it, trying out your own possibilities and making new friends: In this solo dance piece, choreographer Liliana Barros dedicates herself to our youngest viewers and dives with them into a colorful world of movements and sounds. There she meets an unusual friend ...

The piece plays with the desire to discover and explore, thus opening up the magic of the theater not only for the youngest, but also invites adults to let themselves be carried away by their imagination"

Stefanie Fischer



©Bettina Stoess



Commissioned work  for  Junges Staatstheater Braunschweig  



a dance piece for the smaller ones


World Premiere,  14.10.18

Haus Drei, Staatstheater Braunschweig


choreography, concept: Liliana Barros

stage and costumes: Liliana Barros,  MariaReyes Perez 

dramaturgie: Stefanie  Fischer

performance: Liliana Barros

music: Jörg Wockenfuss


Production: Staatstheater Braunschweig

Duration: 35' min.  


Theater allows the child aesthetic experiences. What children need above all is time. > Where there is no time, no aesthetic experiences can develop [...] experiences in the theater oppose immediate didactic and pedagogic usability <(Hentschel 2008: 18). If this succeeds, the experience spaces of the theater allow much more than just the participation of small children in public spaces. The experience of difference and symbolism, exploration, communication and community provides a rich breeding ground for the training of basic skills for a successful participation in culture and society, from the beginning !


aus: Gabi Dan Droste: "Theater from the beginning" in Handbook for Cultural Education , Hrsg. Bockhorst / Reinwand / Zacharias, 2012, Munich: kopaed