Liliana Barros is a Portuguese  dancer and choreographer, based in Germany. 


She studied at BALLETEATRO Escola Professional and at the Classical Ballet school Pirmin Treku, in Oporto, and graduated with BA in dance at Rotterdam Dance Academy, CODARTS.  As a dancer she has worked professionally with companies such as Compagnia Zappalá Danza, in Sicily, under direction of Roberto Zappalá, Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln, under direction of Amanda Miller,  Ballett des Saarländisches Staatstheater, in Germany, under direction of Marguerite Donlon and later Stijn Celis and Compagnie Marie Chouinard, in Montreal.


She has performed both existing works and creations  by Marguerite Donlon, Amanda Miller, Roberto Zapplá,  Itzik Galili, Stephan Thoss, Marco Goecke,  Marie Chouinard,  Kurt Joss, Stijn Celis, Johan Inger,  Jiri Kylian,  Alexander Ekman and others.


In 2011, she has received the Sponsor Club Preis an Award for Best Dancer, for her outstanding performance in Le Sacre du Printemps, by Marguerite Donlon.


As a Choreographer, she has created several works for the ensemble of the Ballet des Saarländisches Staatstheaters such as: ILhektra, Persona, Claritas, Garden of Delight, Menagerie, Sentimental Animals and Collider/Vainglory.  PERSONA was restaged again, under request of Marguerite Donlon , which was presented on an evening shared with other four international female choreographers "The Winners are... Die Frauen".


In Theater, she has also designed the stage and costumes for the theater production FaustKampft, a monologue after Goethe, premiered at Sparte4 , Saarländisches Staatsheater  in 2012.

In 2017, she has collaborated, as a choreographer, with the theater director Christopher Hanninger for the theater production "Allons, Enfants". 


 For the season 2016/17 she was comissioned by Stijn Celis to create a piece for the Ballet des Saarländisches Staatstheaters, My Name is Legion was premiered on the 18th of February 2017.  

Liliana is now an independent artist, and besides  creating her work, she's also teaching in several companies.


NERVURE is a very acclaimed solo work, which won two prizes at SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Show case in Torino, Italy, in 2017, and was therefore invited to be presented in the Frankfurt Edition and in Lyon. NERVURE has won Best Performance award Copenhagen International Choreography Competition

NERVURE has been invited to  the Lucky Trimmer  Festival at Sophiensaelle in Berlin, to TanzOFFensive Festival at Commedia Futura, in Hannover  and to DanceWaves Festival in Cyprus. NERVURE has also been presented in Dock11,  in Berlin, in a Double bill with the most recent solo PANTERA.

NERVURE will continue touring to Taiwan and Malasya in 2019.


Liliana  collaborated , as performer and assistant with the theater director Marta Górnicka for the  production at Münchener Kammerspieler JEDEM das SEINE. 

For the Opera, Liliana has also collaborated as a choreographer with the director and stage designer  Ben Baur for La Boheme, at the Staatstheater Braunschweig.


In the season 18/19 Liliana has created a new  for  Junges Staatstheater Braunschweig, FUNKELFUCHS, and will  do new creation for the Dance Ensemble of National Theater of Mannheim.


I'm interested in a  better understanding of a primordial and universal behavior and how this acquired data moves through us.

With the body as a theme, how does this synchronicity through ordinary and personal rituals make our understanding of "WHAT MOVES US ?"


I'm inspired by other art forms and artists!  


I'm inspired by life!


I like being curious! I like to have visions!


I'm interested in creating worlds, new dimensions and atmospheres.

In my work I like to depart  from a state, be it physical, emotional or mental, and allow myself,  within that energetic state to unveil a choreographic language that arises from that same energy. 

I would like to quote:

" How are you going to trap reality? How are you going to trap appearance without making an illustration of it?"

                      Francis Bacon