TECHNO FAUNA_ new production
TECHNO FAUNA_ new production

Gauthier Dance company / Eric Gauthier / Augmented Reality/ Liliana Barros, New choreography Colours dance Festival Stuttgart/ Meet the Talents to go
IN TANDEM (2021) Commission for Gauthier Dance Company

IN TANDEM _ new creation for Gauthier Dance Company


An  Augmented Reality Project


DanceAR is available for download for iOS and Android on AppStore and GooglePlayStore for free 



Residency   Bora Bora Residency Center  Denmark/ choreography: Liliana Barros

Artistic Residency:

 Bora Bora Residency Center

Aarhus, Denmark

January 2021

New Creation :  MiR Dance Company  Gelsenkirchen / Choreography: Liliana Barr

New Creation for:

MiR Dance Company


 premiere 30. October 2021

New Creation:  TECHNO FAUNA/ Choreography: Liliana Barros

New Production:


 premiere 30. September 2021

New Creation for:

Theater Osnabrück

Tanz Ensemble

premiere 12 December  2021