©Oliver Look
©Oliver Look


In HIGH RELIEF Liliana Barros plays with leitmotifs and elements from sculpture and folk dance of the Ancient Greeks. The piece unfolds in a pulsating and almost hypnotic world, like a slow breaking of cracks from a frozen silence. Ivory bodies coalesce into a monumental sculptural form, like hybrid figures brought to life from rigidity.

It engages with a community that forms heroically and in control.





 Commissioned work 

for the  Dance Company Theater Osnabrück 

(direction:  Marguerite Donlon) 




World Premiere 12.12.2021 

at Emma Theater, Osnabrück


Choreography, Stage & Costumes: Liliana Barros

Dancers: Ohad Caspi, Ayaka kamei, Kesi rose Olley Dorey,  John O'Gara,

Marine Sanchez  Egasse, Lorenzo Beneventano

Choreography assistance: Francesco Vechionne

Music: Josef Gaard


Production: Theater Osnabrück