It is a world of toxic artificiality.

A zero hour in a chemically and digitally exhausted future in which naturalness and where naturalness and civilizations are vague memories. At least we are we are now in what is left. Are these creatures better, worse, more adapted? In contrast to the classic tale in "Sacre" - of a woman who sacrifices herself, chosen by ancient men - these creatures have made it through natural disaster and extinction and must now survive together. They must create a new, more intelligent community. Liliana Barros takes on the elemental force of this music and moulds the ecstatic outbursts into a new future that we either fear or look forward to.  

Anna Luella Zahner

   Commissioned work for  Ballet Koblenz 

(direction:  Steffen Fuchs) 






October 21, 2023, at Theater Koblenz, Germany  


Concept and Choreography: Liliana Barros

Stage: Sascha Thomsen in collaboration with Liliana Barros

Costumes: Liliana Barros

Light design: Tanja Rühl

Music: Igor Stravinsky

Dramaturgy: Anna Luella zahner

Dancers: Noah Amann, Clara Jürgens, Dana Booth,  Astrid Tinel, Jacob Noble, Emanuele Caporale,  Ami Watanabe, Naomi Uji, Lucas Correa,

Yael Shervashidze  

Choreographic Assistance: Irina Golovatskaia


Duration: 34 min.


Production: Theater Koblenz