Like an artificial underworld, GROTTO extends with an abstract landscape where hybrid beings navigate a realm of relationships, developed tactics and power plays.

In this almost dystopian setting the collective engages in a journey of transformation and symbiosis. As an organised structure they act in search of a sense of belonging and connection. The distorted figures and (un)pleasant bizarreness indulge in a excessive physicality, it’s spectacular character, playing naturally with borders and definitions.

Ignited by an expression of the Grotesque, it functions as an existential experience, as an anthropological device that we might use to understand states of being other.




© photo: Joris-Jan Bos


 Commissioned work for NDT 2 

(direction:  Emily Molnar) 





June 30, 2022, Korzo The Hague


Choreography, set & costumes: Liliana Barros

Dancers: Nick Daniels, Barry Gans, Cassandra Martin, Omani Ormskirk, Úrsula Urgeles, Samuel van der Veer

Music: Martin Mitterstieler

Light: Lisette van der Linden

Assistant: Lydia Bustinduy

Duration: 20' min. 


Production: Netherlands Dance Theater