There were two aspects that stimulated my imagination: First, the phenomenon of migration, not reduced to the refugee crisis, but as a constant movement, physical paths in the form of grouping, accumulation, inner and outer movement of groups. The dynamics of peoples or herds of animals and at the same time the individual in the group, perhaps looking for the right place? Ultimately, the feeling of belonging to it. Identification or extreme fear of abandonment?

Secondly, Daniel Richter's Frankfurt exhibition "Hello, I Love You" (2015/16). His pictures have "spoken" to me, on different levels. In his works the focus is on the body and its physicality; The figures pile up, intertwine, and crumble mercilessly, evoking almost uncontrolled sexuality, but also evoking images of territorial boundaries. They are graphical schemas that at the same time exclude and involve by their form.

Thus one can associate this flock or crowd with an army, and the demonic takes shape, but in the next moment the whole thing can turn in another direction. Hence the title "My name is Legion", which is part of a biblical quotation: "My name is Legion, for we are many."


  Commissioned work  for  Saarländisches  Staatsballett

(direction of Stijn Celis) 




World Premiere, 18.02.2017

at the Alte Feuerwache of Saarländisches Staatstheater, Germany



Choreography, concept and costumes: Liliana Barros

Music: Martin Mitterstieler

Stage: Katrin Gerheuser

Dancers: Melanie Lambrou/Jin young Won, Yaiza Davilla Gomez, Francesco Vecchione, Dean Biosca, Randolph Ward, Efthimis Tsimageorgis, Louiza Avram, Federico Longo 

Light: Liliana Barros 

Production: Saarländisches Staatstheaters  


©Bettina Stöß

©Bettina Stoess