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Persona, the latin word for mask or role, but also, when the word is divided we can also analize Per= through and Sona= to sound. Through sound, which character can you create? How are you? how do you sound? This ambiguity was one of the motors to experiment and play.



 Created for Ballet des Saarländisches Staatstheaters




 world Premiere, June 2009

at Alte Feuerwache, Saarländisches Staatstheaters



Choreography, stage and costumes: Liliana Barros

Dancers: Aoi Nakamura, Liliana Barros

Soprano: Sofia Fomina, sings an excerpt from Lakmé (Delibes)

Music: Amon Tobin

Light: Liliana Barros 

Production: Saarländisches Staatstheaters