What man forgets, nature assimilates. A slag heap becomes a forest, an abandoned theme park a garden. Is this posthuman place a paradise or hell? Is it a gift of nature or a rubbish dump of the Anthropocene? And yet this hostile world is inhabited after all time has passed. Liliana Barros' idea of a place after our world moves between dystopian and utopian associations. A world as Hieronymus Bosch might have seen it in his tryptich "The Garden of Delights". In this panorama, the Fall is unimportant, morality banished, Adam, Eve or God uninvited. What remains is a stage without time and space with creatures whose nature Liliana Barros explores together with dancers from the MiR Dance Company.


©Bettina Stoess


Commissioned work for the  MirR Dance Company 

(direction:  Giuseppe Spota) 




World Premiere 30.10.2021 

at Musiktheater in Revier, Gelsenkirchen


Concept, Choreography, Stage & Costumes: Liliana Barros

Dancers: Brecht Bovijn, Marie-Louise Hertog, Alessio Monforte, Chiara Rontini, Genevieve O’keeffe, Eunji Yang

Music: Alva Noto

Dramaturgy: Anna Chernomordik

Stage Manager: Marika Carena

Choreography Assistante: Tenald Zace

Light: Liliana Barros /Andreas Gutzmer

 Duration: 35’ min.


Production: MiR Dance Company, Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen