© Andreas Schlager

 Imagine a posthumous future in which certain technologies can fundamentally change the human condition. So-called transhumanists advocate the idea of uploading the human mind and have spent their lives trying to extract and store thoughts from individuals. What could it mean for our possible future if we completely capture all our data and keep it in a non-biological body? Would that still be us? Is the memory the person we were or are? Or is it just a perfect imitation without consciousness? How can touch, and what it triggers on an intellectual and emotional level, be transferred to a machine?  Touch is ultimately transformed into sensory memories, allowing  emotional states to be captured and relived.  Could we store and reproduce physical touch, that is, our "mammalian experience," in a code?




World Premiere 19.09.19

at LOT-Theater in Braunschweig


Choreography, concept and costumes: Liliana Barros

Dancers: Sara Angius, Panos  Malactos

Video : Phillip Conta-Lada

Light: Daniel Wieschnewski / Liliana Barros 


Production: Liliana Barros, LOT-Theater

Duration: 55 min.  

Co-Produced by: LoT-Theater