©  Rai Zhou

NERVURE is a solo project that was first called "Good by Pavlova". It started off with idea of departure/fall of a fake Icon/Icon to be, Pavlova, the clown? The character I longed to give life to. Not able to letting go, she deals with feelings of restlessness. 

In the Insect world, NERVURE is the fine network of branches that supports the wing membrane. 


As very acclaimed solo work , has won two prizes at SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Dance Show case in Torino and has won Best Performance award Copenhagen International Choreography Competition.

NERVURE has been invited to  Gallus Theater in Frankfurt, to  the Lucky Trimmer  Festival at Sophiensaelle in Berlin, to TanzOFFensive Festival in Commedia Futura, Hannover  and to DanceWaves Festival in Cyprus. NERVURE has also been presented in Dock11,  in Berlin, in a Double bill with the solo PANTERA.

NERVURE  has toured to Taiwan and Malasya in 2019 as part of B.OOM Festival.







World Premiere,  23.06.17 

at the Alte Feuerwache, Saarbrücken, Germany



choreography, concept, stage and costumes: Liliana Barros

performance: Liliana Barros

music: Dictaphone


Production: Saarländisches Staatstheaters/ Liliana Barros


" Among the more experienced choreographers is Liliana Barros, who now offers a solo, following her successful large-group choreography "My name is Legion". "Nervure" is a force. A performance as distinguished as the dancer. On red highheels, in silver leggings and with a pretty free upper body, she gives the nerve bundle, a tangojunkie that vibrates to the rhythm of electro-tango alternately, vibrates, fights wildly and pines for "more". Almost only on the spot, the Barros makes every muscle twitch, every facial expression into an experience in this minimalistic choreography. Half-clown, half tragic figure, she does not need any decor to appear like the central star of a cosmos."

Silvia Buss

Saarbrücker Zeitung, 25.06.17